Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Suagar cookies....

SO for some time now I have been looking for a sugar cookie that I LIKE. I think everyone likes their cookies different I like mine soft a chewy and not tooooo sweet. I found one recipe that I like so far and you can find the recipe here!!I did ALMOST everything the same. I added a little (about 2 tst) of lemon zest for a bit of freshness. The one thing that I noticed with sugar cookies is that if you roll them out thicker and bake them a shorter period of time you will come out with a softer chewier cookie.

This was also my first time to dabble in royal icing. I loved playing with I used this recipe for my royal icing. I only worked with one color so that made it a little easier and not as messy. Definitely something I will have fun with again sometime in the near future.


  1. wow those look amazing! you should open a bake shop!

  2. you are so artistic! everything on here looks so yummy and so pretty! :)



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