Sunday, July 25, 2010

Magic Beans....

These beans are so cool. They grow like any other kids of bean I guess. This is my Mum and my Oldest lil' man picking beans :) He loves to go and pick yummy veggies from their garden.

They are a beautiful hue of purple when freshly picked and raw but once cooked they turn a regular green. I'm not sure why this is so strange to me. Many things change color when heated meat being a perfect example. They taste is really fantastic well if you like green beans that is.

They are also green on the inside.

See...completely green!!! I like my green beans with bread crumbs. My husband up until this year (it has taken 8 years to convert him) has hated the bread crumb crunch. I just melt a Tbsp or two of butter then add a couple Tbsp of breadcrumbs and let them brown up then toss them with the beans. 

This is so strange to me...purple beans turn green!!! It's like magic in a pot and so fun to watch em change color when they are boiling!!!

1 comment:

  1. wow.... Never seen purple beans before. Great colour and I love your simple treatment for them



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